In this section you can freely download some scores we put here: due to the fact we regularly update this page, we strongly suggest you to check for news. Lately, some composers from Arezzo, such as Lorenzo Donati and Jacopo Facchini, have written pieces for the group that we have the honour and pleasure to sing in concerts and competitions. This scores are freely available here and we encourage their spreading around the world. In the event of a public exhibition, we recommend you to contact authors. Thank you.

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Lorenzo Donati (1972)


Sub tuum pręsidium (subtuum.pdf, 457 Kb) SATB, 1999.

Il cigno alato (cigno.pdf, 479 Kb) SATB, 2001.

Jacopo Facchini (1981)



Antifone pasquali (antiphonae.pdf, 409 Kb) SATB, 1999.

Ave Maria (avemaria.pdf, 526 Kb) SATB, 2002.

Allegrie (allegrie.pdf, 121 Kb) SATB, 1999-2001.

Madrigale (madrigale.pdf, 57 Kb) SATB, 2001.

We shall over come (weshall.pdf, 55 Kb) SATB, 2001.


Marco Ferretti (1974)  
Ave Maria (avemaria.pdf, 121 Kb) SATB, 2000.
Pater Noster (paternoster.pdf, 124 Kb) SSAATTBB, 2002.
Tenebrę factę sunt (tenebrae.pdf, 224 Kb) ATBB, 2001.
Virgo prudentissima (virgo.pdf, 151 Kb) SATB, 2002.
Nuvoletta (nuvoletta.pdf, 181 Kb) SSATB, 2001.
All scores are in PDF format