The group by Andrea Facchini

The Hesperimenta Vocal Ensemble, born in 1996 due to the willing of some singers and musicians from Arezzo (Tuscany), has its goals into the study of vocal music from Early Middle-Age until nowadays. Group's repertory now include sacred and profane music from Middle-Age, Renaissance and contemporary music. The group is also proud that many composers, included the artistic director Lorenzo Donati, started to write pieces for these particular four voices, finding out new languages and new sounds. Our topic is to interpret vocal music in its close relation to the text and the spoken language: for this reason, we take mostly care of voice clarity and text expression due to its meaning and context. The fusion of these two important elements are vital for the group's concept of vocal music, that considers human voice an incredible instrument for artistic expressions. Lately, the Hesperimenta Vocal Ensemble has started a long activity, basically in Italy, due to the important results obtained at the national and international competitions the group took part during past years.

The group is also proud to cooperate with other Associations in the Arezzo and Tuscany areas in order to create new occasions to perform and to develop its music ideas that seems to be enthusiastically accepted by critics and public.

In its standard setting the Hesperimenta Vocal Ensemble is composed by:

Paola Slanisca, soprano
Alessandro Ciofini, countertenor
Lorenzo Donati, tenor
Roberto Locci, baritone

Due to its own nature, the group is also continuously looking forward to experiment new ways of communication, changing the number and the nature of singers, repertories and so on, with the only aim to find a deeper pleasure in performing vocal music.

The group by Andrea Facchini